• Economy

    Availability of resources is a challenge that we always accept

  • Sustainability

    We discover means of securing energy for the future generations

  • Technology

    Old problems deserve innovative and considerate solutions

  • Interconnection

    We look for local solutions to global problems

Renewable energies for everyday life

Our company wants to contribute to the widest possible dissemination of green energies in the European Union. We are aware that our society still has a long way to go towards en masse utilization of renewable resources and therefore we contribute to its shortening. For this reason we engage in activities that have the aim to exploit such energy sources that have been so far neglected or their potential has yet not been fully put to use.

We have legal and socialwide justification for our activities also in the Directive 2009/28/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council which reinforces the commitment of the European Union to utilize renewable resources either for transport fuels or for production of heat and power. Implementing this policy is by far not easy and we all realize that for instance the current system of biofuels production needs to be adjusted to reflect past experience. Thus, in the framework of this policy our company concentrates on sources that are a waste stream for their originators. This means that these resources have already been used for their purpose and we give them a second chance.